Founded in 2008, Techwood Consulting is a digital agency co-founded by Jack Ogilvie and Jimmy Park.

Our story began while we were working for a public software company leading and taking over an e-commerce software product after an acquisition in 2005.  With over 600 websites on the product, we realized that some of the highest performing businesses were not necessarily the big brands.

After calling the top 40 performing clients, we heard the same answer to the source of their e-commerce success, “It’s from the search engines and optimization.”  At that time we started asking what they needed in the software code to improve this for them and all clients.   In 2005, SEO experts were reluctant in sharing techniques for their success, however, they shared with us as we started to build the product around search.

After 6 months of collaboration and development, we felt that we had amassed enough knowledge to provide optimization consulting services to clients that were interested in improving their online presence.  We picked a test website with agreement from the owner and within 5 months we had increased their sales 10x.  At that point, we realized we stumbled onto an emerging industry.

In 2008, we started our own company, Techwood Consulting, to focus on digital marketing and consulting.

The smarter people

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Morgan Sopocy
Sr. Account Manager

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Coreen Face
Business Analyst

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Abhimanue Bansal
Technical Analyst

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Beth Atchison
Account Director


Kelsey Bloomfield
Business Analyst

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Felicia Thurman
Office Ops Manager

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Josh Willner
Account Manager

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Madison Copeland
Technical Analyst

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Madelyn Mock
Sr. Technical Analyst


Will White III
PPC Analyst