Has your site disappeared from the search engines or have you had a sudden significant drop in web traffic?  Techwood Consulting has helped dozens of companies recover and will even support other digital agencies in the event of a manual or algorithmic action on a website.  Our services include:

  • Pinpointing algorithmic penalty (ex: Penguin, Panda, Top Heavy)
  • Identifying low quality and duplicate content.
  • Cleanup of toxic or historical backlinking techniques (ex: link schemes, cloaking).
  • Creating/submitting reconsideration request (required for manual penalty only).
  • Diagnosing code or site migration issues (not related to algorithmic/manual penalties, but commonly misdiagnosed).
  • Assisting in post penalty recovery

Time frame and cost based on size of website and number of backlinks.  Past removals for manual actions range from 28 days to 3 months.