In the past, organic search optimization was based on ambiguous techniques due to the mystery of search engine algorithms.  Luckily, recent algorithm improvements have rendered these tactics ineffective and high quality content is rewarded with traffic and increased rankings.  Techwood Consulting’s philosophy is based on technology, big data and high quality content that is comprehensible and transparent.

Throughout the process we will not only learn your business and customers, but we also share our knowledge with you so that you learn ours.  Specific areas of focus are:

  • Optimizing site speed and site performance (ex: minification, caching, image compression)
  • Improving on-site content and user experience
  • Identifying high value search queries by customers
  • Targeting outreach prospects and media placements
  • Identifying site issues (ex: duplicate content, toxic backlinks, 404 errors)
  • Disavowing and removing of toxic links
  • Setup and measurement of analytics and conversion tracking