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Pay Per Click (PPC) is an extremely advantageous form of paid advertising because it gives businesses the opportunity to be placed in the top results of search engines for important search terms that help generate more traffic and leads. The paid advertising climate on Google is more prominent now than ever, taking up significant real estate in search engine pages and even resembling organic search results.

Google is the leading search engine platform, accounting for almost 70% of search engine users with Bing and Yahoo as the runner-ups. Needless to say, it’s critical to have a paid presence there. Google AdWords is the most relevant advertising platform for paid search campaigns on Google, giving users the opportunity to create strategic ad groups and test keywords that lead to an effective, money-generating campaign.  

The AdWords Management Team

Techwood Consulting has a decade of hands-on experience with AdWords management for several clients across a wide variety of industries. Whether you are looking to build an AdWords account from the ground-up, restructure an existing campaign, or pair alongside an SEO strategy, our team can help you.

Our executive AdWords team specializes in comprehensive PPC audits to understand your business industry, competitors, and user pain points to create the most optimized, ROI-driven campaign. Each project involves a complete strategic development, optimization analysis, and full management and reporting services.

Techwood’s PPC Management Services

Our team prides itself in delivering performance results you can boast about. In addition to AdWords management, we provide full consulting services that are rooted in honesty. We never hesitate to provide transparent feedback and recommendations to help you make well-informed decisions about your business. When you win, we win.

Below is a basic list of AdWords management services that we provide our clients:

Conduct comprehensive keyword discovery, analysis, and selection
Conduct competitive research
Analyze industry and user pain points
Create ROI-driven campaigns
Create ad groups modeled after how clients search for products or services offered
Implement conversion tracking and call tracking
Create ad text and display ads for every ad group
Monitor and adjust bid strategies as performance data aggregates
Decrease cost per lead and improve CTR
Consistently reduce wasted ad spend
Campaign cost management
Develop custom landing pages if needed

In addition to the above AdWords management services, as a client you can also expect regular reports from our team on important performance metrics such as impressions, clicks, average cost per click, conversions, click through rate and more. We measure success on a month over month and year over year basis to provide a full view of performance and growth.


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If you’re unsure of which paid platform vehicle is the most beneficial for your business or industry, our team can certainly provide the best recommendation for you. Request a free consultation today.

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