Landing Page Optimization

Landing page Optimization

SEO and PPC campaigns increase traffic to your website by raising your visibility in search engines and targeting the right audience. Once a visitor lands on your website, your company has an opportunity to convert them into customers. To do this, key landing pages within your site must be optimized for search engines and designed for conversion.

Your website must be filled with engaging content that speaks to your target audience. In addition, there are several elements of your website landing pages that send signals to search engines about the relevance of your content to consumer queries. This is where landing page optimization can make the difference between a visit that ends quickly and a visit that turns into a lead.

Techwood’s team of content marketers and search marketing experts work together with your company to create high-quality content for landing pages that is uniquely aligned with your brand. We also ensure on-page ranking signals and quality score factors are properly optimized to maximize the conversion power of your website.

Optimize Your Website Landing Pages

Landing page optimization is part of an overall SEO or PPC strategy and begins with an audit of your existing website landing pages. We review the landing pages that have the greatest potential to rank high in search engine results. Then, we make improvements that convert browsers into customers.

There are several aspects of your landing pages we can optimize to boost the signals they to search engines:

Page Depth

Page depth and word count tell search engines a lot about the relevance of your website to customer queries. The more high-quality content on your landing page, the stronger a signal you send to search engines that your site is an authority in your industry and a trustworthy destination for consumers. If your landing pages lack depth, we can fulfill them with high-quality content that engages visitors.

Target Keywords and Keyword Density

In order to align with search intent, your landing pages must have content featuring keywords associated with the products or services you offer to customers. In addition to having the right keywords, we make sure these keywords are strategically placed within your content and that they are used the right number of times to demonstrate relevance to search engine queries.

Search Engine Friendly URLs and Metadata

Having properly structured, SEO friendly URLs supports higher rankings in search engine results pages. Similarly, optimized header tags, images with alt text, page titles, and meta data all help align the information about your website with user queries. Our team will thoroughly audit your website and use detailed research to enhance these aspects of your site.

Turn Visitors into Customers with Landing Page Optimization

Once visitors are on your landing page, there are several areas that can be optimized to encourage them to take action.

Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

CTAs make it easier for visitors to take the next step in their relationship with your business. For example, call your business, submit a contact form, or make a purchase.  We can implement and optimize in-text CTAs on your landing pages. We can also create eye-catching graphic CTAs for you and strategically place them on your landing pages.

Contact Forms

Most websites have a single contact page that users can reach through the top navigation menu. However, we can help you increase conversions from landing pages by strategically placing well-designed contact forms on key landing pages.

Audiovisual Content

The proliferation of smartphones has made it easier for people to consume dynamic content wherever they are. Whether you have an existing video or plan to produce a new one, our team can help your business increase engagement and conversion by using video on your landing pages.

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