Local PPC

Local PPC, or pay-per-click, is a type of paid advertising strategy designed to benefit local industries and generate either in-store success or local service leads. Local paid advertising can directly connect you with potential customers in targeted local neighborhoods to help you remain locally competitive and grow your business. Now is the time to be seen.

PPC for your business

Local Paid Advertising Advantage

The advantage to targeting customers on a local level is that you can compete strategically with a national brand. For instance, you might not be the most renowned doctor in the world, but you can dominate ad results in a local arena through strategic paid search efforts. Local PPC gives advertisers the opportunity to bid strategically and lower costs through competitive targeting by focusing on quality score.

Google’s Quality Score

Although PPC is more of a controlled advertising effort, there is still an algorithm that dictates when ads are served and who they are served to – quality scores are the key influencers. A “quality score” is Google’s rating of an ad’s relevance and quality to a particular keyword. It considers multiple factors such as click-through-rate, at text relevance, keyword relevance to ad group, and landing page quality and relevance. The purpose of Google’s quality score rating is to provide the search engine user with the best user experience possible for their intended query.

Fortunately, quality scores give local businesses the opportunity to compete with powerhouse national brands. If a local ad has better quality score than that of a national campaign, Google will reward it with higher ad rankings and lower costs.

Local Industries Served

Local PPC benefits any local or store-front business, primarily in the realm of the following industries:


Lawyers and attorneys benefit greatly from local PPC campaigns and can be a powerful lead generation source for firms. The keyword bids for lawyers can get very expensive, which is why local PPC campaigns need to be highly strategic and optimized with bids, ad copy and location targeting to ensure budget is spent as efficiently as possible. Mobile paid advertising in local campaigns is especially relevant for personal injury and accident lawyers, because users are more likely to search for attorney services at the scene of an accident or moment of crisis.  


Local PPC campaigns are also very lucrative for medical practices including doctors, physicians, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, and more. Similar to the legal industry, the medical industry keywords can get incredibly pricey. An effective local paid search campaign can help target users looking for your service to maximize budget and spend efficiency.


Businesses that provide local services can also greatly benefit from local PPC campaigns. Types of local services may include construction, landscaping, plumbing, cleaning, accounting, and tax preparation, to name a few examples. Local paid search targeting gives service businesses the opportunity to dominate top ad results for relevant terms on a local level and compete strategically.

Store Front

Local PPC is also very advantageous for store front businesses such as restaurants and retailers. Local paid advertising gives store front owners the opportunity to get in front of customers searching online and encourage in-store foot traffic and sales.

Local PPC Management

Whether you are looking to create an AdWords account from the ground-up, or restructure an existing campaign for better results, we can help. Our PPC team has tried and true local PPC management experience in many types of local industries. Our local PPC strategy is rooted in strategic segmentation by geo-location, budget, and other factors to optimize paid profitability for your business. Our team focuses on quality score of ads and segmentation to set your ads up for the most success.

Local PPC management services include:

Keyword discovery and selection
Ad group creation
Geo targeting
User segmentation
Negative keyword research and match
Landing page consultancy
Custom landing page creation if necessary
Full bid strategy
Ad text creation

In addition to these services, we provide regular reporting on month over month and year over year performance metrics including clicks, cost per click, conversions, phone calls, return on ad spend and more. We provide transparent recommendations on budget and segmentation to equip you with the information to make well-informed decisions and grow your business.  

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