Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is the process of purchasing impressions and traffic from digital web properties in an attempt to drive up brand impression share, website traffic, and website conversions.   The paid advertising process provides businesses the opportunity to pay for top positions on search engines, prominent placements on social media networks,  secure active presences on 3rd party display websites, and retarget users that do not initially convert.

Paid Advertising Services

Techwood Consulting provides full-service paid advertising services for our clients across both search engines and social networks to maximize the effectiveness of campaign bids, budget, targeting, ads and landing pages. Our paid advertising division is adept at tailoring digital campaigns to meet client KPIs, achieve profitable ROI, and provide the necessary infrastructure and testing to support scalability and growth.

Getting Started

Our paid advertising campaigns typically begins with a discovery process followed by a new account build out (on all respective networks) or the restructuring of existing campaigns.  In parallel with this effort is establishment of KPIs and a full set-up of conversion tracking.

Every new  client will receive a comprehensive strategy analysis and campaign recommendations tailored to business goals, including industry analysis, demographic targets, network surveys, competitor analysis, keyword research, campaign segmentation, and a detailed, 90-day project plan.

Paid Advertising Services

Techwood Consulting is full-service in the realm of paid advertising, and several of the more commonly requested client offerings are detailed below.  Most clients are unsure with regard to the process of dividing a budget, selecting networks, and creating campaign structures, and our team assesses this as part of our new client discovery process. In many cases, a combination of advertising methods under specific limitations will produce the best results, and we discuss this at length during our sales process.


AdWords Management

Almost 70% of web searches are conducted on, and AdWords is the primary advertising platform used to display ads in the top positions of this powerful search engine. Techwood Consulting provides full Google AdWords campaign creation and management to optimize paid efforts through this vehicle.

Bing / Yahoo Management

Bing and Yahoo are search engines that account for the majority of remaining market share under Google. If Bing and Yahoo are advantageous paid platforms for your business, Techwood Consulting can help get you started with either Bing PPC services, Yahoo PPC services, or even optimize existing accounts.

Shopping Ad Management

For e-commerce clients, shopping ads in search engines can be a great strategy to promote or showcase specific products that will appear before organic listings and sometimes even before paid text ads in search engines. Techwood Consulting can manage existing shopping ad campaigns or even help you build a shopping feed from the ground up.

Local PPC

For businesses who promote locally, local PPC can be a great tool to get in front of your customers. Techwood Consulting can help build a powerful local PPC campaign for your business or restructure an existing account to increase conversions.

Remarketing & Audience Targeting

All of our efforts on paid advertising campaigns are supported via both extensive remarketing segmentation build-outs, in addition to specific audience segmentation and application.  This effort is supported on both search and social networks, and is a core competency of our company.

PPC Audits

If you are currently managing a paid advertising program and would like an independent third party review, our team can perform a comprehensive audit of your account, including looking at KPI selection and measurement, and the campaign’s ability to ultimately accomplish this.  A by-product of this effort is an actionable plan to assist you in meeting and ultimately exceeding your campaign’s KPIs.

Paid Social

Paid advertising on social networks is a core competency of our firm, and is often a common extension or even primary network of our digital advertising campaigns.   The best fits that we find are: 1) clients that utilize social media extensively can partner with Techwood to run digital social ad campaigns, inclusive of conversion tracking and remarketing centralized through Analytics, and 2) clients that are seeking to extend digital presence to social and accompany existing search / PR efforts.

Free Consultation

If you’re unsure of which paid platform vehicle is the most beneficial for your business or industry, our team can certainly provide the best recommendation for you. Request a free consultation today. 

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