Paid Search (PPC) Services

Paid search marketing is the paid advertising in search engines and partner websites. This is usually done in a way that the advertiser only pays when a user clicks to engage with an ad (This is known as PPC or pay-per-click). PPC advertising provides businesses the opportunity to pay for top positions in search engines and partner websites, meaning the ads are the first thing your customers see before organic listings and competitor websites. PPC advertising is also incredibly advantageous to complement a strong SEO campaign to develop an effective internet marketing strategy that is optimal for your unique business needs and goals.

Paid Search Management Services

Techwood Consulting provides full-service PPC management services for our clients to maximize the effectiveness of campaign bids, budget, targeting, ads and landing pages. Our paid search management team has mastered the science of tailoring paid search accounts to provide the highest ROI, fine-tuning campaigns along the way to further increase optimizations.

Getting Started

Our paid search team offers both complete PPC campaign development or a restructuring of an existing campaign coupled with ongoing management and campaign optimization. Every onboarded client will receive a comprehensive strategy analysis and campaign recommendations to best meet business goals, including industry analysis, keyword research, campaign segmentation, and strong project plan.

Paid search return on ad spend and conversion goals are our top priority for every client. Although our team works hard to not only meet but exceed expectation, we never steer from honest account feedback. Our Techwood Consulting Paid Search team takes pride in open and honest communication, never hesitating to provide transparent feedback and recommendations for account refinement due to, for example, industry or bid limitations in some cases. You can trust that every decision made within a campaign will be made with strategic assessment and ROI focused direction.

PPC Management Services

Techwood Consulting provides a full array of common paid search services for clients as detailed below. If you are unsure about which direction is best for your business, our team will provide full analysis on the best marketing campaign for your particular business and industry. In many cases, a combination of advertising methods under specific limitations will produce the best results. Please contact our team for a consultation.


AdWords Management

Almost 70% of web searches are conducted on, and AdWords is the primary advertising platform used to display ads in the top positions of this powerful search engine. Techwood Consulting provides full Google AdWords campaign creation and management to optimize paid efforts through this vehicle.

Bing / Yahoo Management

Bing and Yahoo are search engines that account for the majority of remaining market share under Google. If Bing and Yahoo are advantageous paid platforms for your business, Techwood Consulting can help get you started with either Bing PPC services, Yahoo PPC services, or even optimize existing accounts.

Shopping Ad Management

For e-commerce clients, shopping ads in search engines can be a great strategy to promote or showcase specific products that will appear before organic listings and sometimes even before paid text ads in search engines. Techwood Consulting can manage existing shopping ad campaigns or even help you build a shopping feed from the ground up.

Local PPC

For businesses who promote locally, local PPC can be a great tool to get in front of your customers. Techwood Consulting can help build a powerful local PPC campaign for your business or restructure an existing account to increase conversions.

PPC Audits

Let’s be honest sometimes it’s good to get another pair of eyes on our accounts. If you are currently managing a paid search program and would like a review by a fresh set of eyes that has seen hundreds of accounts. Our paid search team at Techwood Consulting can perform a comprehensive PPC audit of your account and give you some fresh optimize ideas. Our most experienced paid media analysts will assess your existing account to provide our best recommendations to help your account perform better.

Free Consultation

If you’re unsure of which paid platform vehicle is the most beneficial for your business or industry, our team can certainly provide the best recommendation for you. Request a free consultation today. 

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