PPC Audit

PPC Audit for your business

If you suspect your PPC account is underperforming and missing out on valuable ROI, it pays to have an expert’s eyes on it to evaluate areas of deficiency and improvement. At Techwood Consulting, we offer PPC audits as a stand-alone service for those who are looking for ways to improve their current paid search efforts.

We understand that not everyone wants to switch PPC management providers or abandon self-managing efforts altogether. If you fall into one of these categories, we are happy to perform an audit for your account to provide PPC campaign management recommendations for performance improvement as if you were a long-term client of ours.

PPC Audit Process

Our PPC team leaders can perform a one-off audit in either Google AdWords or Bing Ads to take a comprehensive look at all aspects of your campaign from account settings standpoint to structure to ROI optimization. Our process for paid search audits begins with with list below to help the Techwood pay-per-click management team create a specialized account plan:

1. Review network settings
2. Review your account history, business, and industry
3. Understand benchmark performance metrics to determine opportunity
4. Assess ad group relevancy and account structure to see if it adequately supports targeted keywords
5. Conduct additional keyword research to identify any missed opportunities
6. Analyze quality score of ads
7. Evaluate ad extensions
8. Review keyword match type settings (broad, modified broad, phrase, exact)
9. Look for any wasted spend, keyword cannibalization, negative keywords, keyword tailoring, and keyword intent segmentation
10. Review conversion tracking codes
11. Assess landing page relevancy
12. Goal review and analysis
13. Review performance and goal reporting

PPC Audit Service

After conducting a full AdWords audit for your account, Techwood will generate a robust list of recommendations that address key account deficiencies and missed opportunities. This full AdWords account audit review will help us determine whether your account needs a new structure, bid management, custom landing pages, new ad copy, or other recommendations.

Our full PPC audit will include a detailed document report highlighting your current PPC campaign’s areas of weakness or missed opportunities with detailed instructions on how to correct and manage them. Every paid search audit will be explained in full with the opportunity to ask questions and gain additional insight from our top PPC team leaders.

Our audit recommendations are rooted in transparency, meaning we never shy away from tough conversations. If our team identifies an issue or limitation in your campaign, you can trust that we will deliver honest feedback to help you make the most informed decisions about your business and PPC campaign direction.

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If you suspect your current PPC account is under-performing, we invite you to talk to us. Our team is happy to review your account and provide recommendations to improve your PPC campaign performance and efficiency to drive more ROI.

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