SEO Technical Audits

If you’ve navigated to this page, you likely already understand the significance of SEO for your business in search engines. We want to let you know that you are in very good company with our team at Techwood Consulting. Website SEO audits are the bread and butter of our technical SEO services, as they provide comprehensive insight into a website’s unique architecture, site health issues and most importantly, help our team identify a concrete plan of attack to improve its position in search rank.

At Techwood Consulting, we perform some of the most comprehensive SEO site audits in the industry to diagnose potential health issues in your site and devise a strategic project plan to move forward, prioritizing high-impact initiatives to move your website higher in search engines and gain more quality traffic.

Technical SEO Audit

Website SEO Audit Service

Our technical SEO audits will consist of a comprehensive look at site health issue on your website that could be hindering your presence in search results. Our SEO site audit will consider all algorithmic influencers on a website, including, but not limited to:

– Google Analytics audit
– Google Search Console audit

 – Keyword research and analysis
 – URL structure
 – Meta data optimization
 – Internal and external linking strategies
 – Site architecture
 – Site crawl optimization
 – Duplicate content analysis
 – Redirects
 – Penalty removal
 – User experience design implications on SEO
 – Mobile optimization
 – Content analysis and blog optimization
 – Page speed analysis

SEO Audit Checklist

Techwood’s SEO Audit Teams

Every SEO audit is performed by a team of experienced SEO analysts with varying specialties and areas of expertise. Every account is personally attended to and analyzed by our experienced team of analysts who treat your business like their very own. Our analysts will become very in tune and take a hands on approach with your website, your business, and your goals to improve your website’s position in search results to grow your business.

Our team will work to create an initial short term project plan to focus on major site health issues and then move into a long term plan to incorporate highest impact initiatives to grow organic traffic. This plan will frequently be revisited to monitor success and carefully tailor succeeding initiatives to prioritize next initiatives.

Technical SEO Audit Reporting and Deliverables

Every website SEO audit is coupled with advanced reporting and analysis to support every recommendation in the generated project plan. Our team will pull data from your website’s Google Analytics account and other internal tools to paint a very clear picture of website needs and next steps in the SEO campaign. Our clients often use our reporting tools for their internal teams and board members to show campaign success. We love this.

If you are interested in an SEO audit, please contact us here for a free consultation about your website. We look forward to learning about your business!

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