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Shopping feeds are the holy grail of online retailers. An optimized shopping feed gives e-commerce retailers the opportunity to feature individual products in search results on Google and Bing, often appearing above both paid and organic search results. Shopping ads have transformed over the years as Google’s algorithm develops and are more relevant now than ever – they now occupy almost 20% of the first page of search results for product-related queries, which is doubled from what is was in 2014.

Ecommerce retailers need shopping feeds in order to remain competitive and increase revenue. Here are three invaluable reasons why e-commerce retailers need shopping ads:


Users Love Shopping Ads

Bottom line, e-commerce retailers need a shopping feed in order to remain competitive in their industry. Buyers love shopping ads because they are extremely user-friendly and help make a purchasing decision easily. Shopping ads allow online retailers to showcase a photo of the product, a title, a description, a store and the price. This gives users a very simple way to scan products across competitors and decide which product they want to buy.


Attracts People Ready to Purchase

Another benefit to shopping ads is that they attract users that are farther along in the purchasing cycle and ready to buy. These users typically have already conducted product research and know the type of product they want to buy, and the shopping feed gives them the means to price shop.


Increased Click Through Rate (CTR)

Clients that switch on an effective shopping feed campaign often experience up to three times increased click through rate. Because shopping feeds attract more potential buyers, this means increased website traffic and more purchases for your product.



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Shopping Ad Management

If you are looking to build a shopping feed account or restructure an existing shopping campaign for your online business, our team can help you do it effectively. Below is a list of what to expect in our shopping feed management client services:

Keyword focus selection
Optimize return on ad spend
Monitor and appropriate bid strategies
Competitor and industry research
Product description recommendations and optimization
Consultancy on shopping feed integration
Conversion and e-commerce tracking for purchases

Importance of Shopping Feed Guidance

For e-commerce retailers, we can’t stress enough how critical it is to involve paid shopping ad experts in the development of your shopping feed. One of the biggest mistakes we see with shopping campaigns is that site designers and webmasters don’t always understand how site structure impacts the way Google pulls product information into the shopping feed. This gap is most commonly an issue for products with the same name, products lacking descriptions, and un-optimized product titles, for example.

For existing shopping feed accounts that have issues with product integration in the Google shopping feed, we will certainly de-bug the issue for you and provide concise recommendations on site design. Unfortunately, this process of “reversing” site structure limitations is extremely time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, we urge you to seek expert guidance early on in site development to ensure that it integrates with Google. This will save you valuable time and money later.

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